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50% off Special Labradorite Pendant Sterling silver Reg $ 70 Now only $ 35

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Imaginarius Crystal HealingJillian, just to complement my answer, tomorrow, Good Friday we are open from 11.30 to 5 pm ( closing earlier ) :-)7 days

Imaginarius Crystal HealingYes Jilllian7 days

Shéila YogaOh my Marcia... that's beautiful. Jilly, I hope you're buying it or me!!! :P7 days

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Stone of the Day: LABRADORITE by Tamara It was only very recently that I got to know this amazing power stone, and it quickly became one of my favorites. Labradorite has wonderful qualities, and the best part is that it was first discovered right here in Canada! Today it can also be found in parts of Europe and America. It is named after the province it was found in, Newfoundland and Labrador, and was first discovered along the Labrador Peninsula in 1770. Though this may not seem all that historical of a time, it still has a nice legend behind it. According to an Eskimo legend, the Northern Lights were once trapped in the rocks along the coast of Labrador. The Northern Lights are a term commonly used to describe the Aurora Borealis, which are a natural light show in the sky that happen in the north, and are simply breathtaking! So a wandering Eskimo found the captivated lights in the stones, and liberated them with a powerful strike of his spear. However, some lights still remained stuck in the rocks, which give the stone we know today the beautiful layers of colors and magical energy. Labradorite’s light reflective colors help us maintain connection with the Earth, as well as explore higher vibrations. It is interesting that, although the stone is associated with all the chakras above the heart, it still has a grounding quality to our thoughts and emotions. It is well-known for protecting our aura and uniting the chakras. When observing the qualities of its colors, darker shades of blue tend to encourage the power of truth, while lighter shades allow for flexibility, relaxation and balance. Labradorite is often called the magical stone because it does interesting things to the wearer. You know the feeling of being in the right place at the right time? Experiencing coincidences that feel too perfect to be just coincidence? Well, these things seem to happen more often when we carry a Labradorite around. It helps us see those signs and trust them, giving us serendipity and synchronicity. We begin to see through illusions and dreams, analyze them, analyze ourselves, and determine our ultimate goal. This stone is great to calm an overactive mind and bring in a flow of imagination and new ideas. When going through a period of change, it helps clear our path and rids us of feelings of fear and anxiety. It strengthens our intuition and allows us to see things more clearly during meditation. It is literally the key to opening our inner self to self-reflection, spiritual purpose, exploration of the mysteries of life and understanding our destiny. Not only that, but Labradorite gives the wearer a sense of adventure. It helps us bring back joy and spontaneity in our life, taking away emotional drain that comes from daily routine and responsibility and awakening a taste for change and excitement! On a side note, there are some beautiful pieces of sterling silver Labradorite jewelry on sale right now in the shop… Prices you will never catch again! And sterling silver increases the flow of energy of any stone. Color: shades of grey, blue, purple and sometimes gold Chakras: all the chakras above the heart! ... See MoreSee Less

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FREE GIFT tomorrow Saturday April 5th for all purchases above $40! Beautiful gifts include necklaces, bracelets, earrings in gemstones or handmade glass and Swarovski crystals. You choose from our treasure box! Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

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Violet MullenI just tried the online store....it says down for maintenance?1 week

Violet MullenDo you still sell stuff?...if so, where can I view it?1 week

Mary Frances AlversonYou need to arrange and display them so people can see what they look like.3 weeks

Violet MullenSend me a link if you can please?1 week

New pendulums just in. Wood, crystal and metal - Starting at $10

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With your Chakra energizing bracelet you will receive a Free Chakra card that lists the main 7 energy centers in the body, their related colors, stones, keywords and energies.

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OUR Crystal and Gemstone STORE is beautiful! Every month we receive more beautiful gems, minerals, gemstone jewelry, jewelry making supplies and other products!




Imaginarius has many new healing crystals, gemstones, semi-precious beads and gemstone jewelry in the store !

Beautiful gem hearts, gemstone eggs, healing wands, quartz pyramids, rough specimens, druzis, turquoise, cabochons...

Natural turquoise nuggets for jewelry, chrysocolla, aura quartz, phantom quartz crystal, citrine, amber, amethyst flowers, angelite, lapis lazuli and so much more...

Amethyst and Celestite clusters are going fast! We also have this amazing selenite candle holders. Selenite is a natural light enhancer...you will love it.






Our gemstone beads are carefully selected and will bring beautiful colors and amazing vibrations to your jewelry designs.

Our jewelry is made to make you feel special and unique.



Express yourself !  Bring energy and colour into your life with beautiful gemstones !

labradorite Pendant
Beautiful Gemstone Jewelry

Our products are handmade with genuine gemstones and crystals that have been carefully selected and beautifully crafted.

We design and handcraft most of the items displayed at the store.

Imaginarius designs, handcrafts, imports and exports gemstone jewelry, crystals and other crystal and gemstone products.

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"Thanks so much for the order!! Everything is just beautiful and perfect as usual. Thanks for getting it out so fast to me. We were in need of some crystals and help at my office. I have noticed such a great improvement since I got them. You truly are fantastic."

Ashley T. from Abundant Essences, Alberta

"I have been buying Imaginarius products  for the last few years and continue to do so. I have been very impressed with the genuine quality, beauty and originality of the products.. "
Hana S., Montreal - Quebec

"I have purchased your products and I get a lot of great feedback about them! Thanks! Looking forward to doing more business together in the near future..."
Pearl Baumstark , Canada

I just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday. Not only am I thrilled with the quality but the service was fabulous too. Thank you and I look forward to future orders.
Janet, Planet Creations, Rigaud, Quebec

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About Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals and Gemstones have been used for many thousands of years as powerful healing aids. They have been worn as jewelry, amulets or used as objects for decoration, meditation, worship and healing rituals.
Gemstones and Crystals all originate from hot magma, of which the inside of the earth is composed.
Thousands, sometimes millions of years colling, gradual movement and displacement have formed stones, rocks and even high mountains. This continuous natural process of geologic change causes rocks, minerals and stones of various kinds to come into being. They have been formed from dust, sand, chemical substances and invisible acids that have mutated when in contact with water and other environmental factors.

Why do gemstones and crystals have exerted such a fascination on human beings? Maybe because by wearing a crystal or a gem we are somehow approaching ourselves to our utmost essence: nature, transformation and beauty.

The alternative therapy of crystal healing is nothing new. It is actually thousands of years old. There have been some evidence found that gemstones and crystals were used for healing purposes by some ancient civilizations. Some of these civilizations also considered the stones and crystals to have protective and talismanic porperties that would attract some natural energies to their bearer or protect against the evil eye ( harm caused to your energetic harmony by someone's envy or unstable energetic levels ). Shamans and medicine men made use of the power of crystals and gems in healing rituals and ceremonies.

Crystals and Gemstones also have some significance in the Bible. They appear often as symbols for health and godliness. The twelve tribes of Israel are represented by twelve corresponding precious stones. The stones are to be arranged in four rows of three stones. According to later tradition they possessed extraordinary powers. In John's vision of the New Jerusalem in Revelation, the heavenly city is built from gemstones. (Rev 21:18-21).

From a more modern perspective, if we look around us, the power of crystals cannot be denied. They are used everywhere in the world for many different purposes. Computers, telecommunication, memory chips and many other symbols of the technological age many times use silicon dioxide : quartz. Ultrasound devices, oscillatives for controlling radio devices and electronic equipment, capacitators to modify energy capacity and transducers that transmit energy from one system to another , and other equipment that store energy all depend on quartz to function.

Crystals, gemstones and minerals can be powerful tools in teaching us how to heal ourselves. Their energy frequencies vary according to light waves and chemical matter. As the light, energy, color frequency and natural power of crystals are infiltrated into the aura, the eletromagnetic field around us, the mind becomes more clear and focused, conflicts seems to naturally resolve themselves and fear is dissolved. The body, mind and spirit are strongly affected by the earth energy and a feeling of harmony and lightness take place. It takes intention and intuition to fully understand and experience the holistic power that crystals, gemstones and minerals bestow upon us.