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Benefits of the Gemstone Fluorite

Helps against colds, boosts the immune system, brings clarity of thought, focus, concentration and insight.

In the many years I have worked with healing crystals I came across a wide range of stones that bring a wonderful ray of sunshine to our energy field when we are suddenly attacked by a cold virus.
One of these crystals is the beautiful gemstone FLUORITE.
The name Fluorite derives from the Latin noun fluo, meaning a stream or flow of water. In verb form this was fluor or fluere, meaning to flow.
Its beautiful hues of greens, blues and purples are soothing and energizing and make us feel as we are ourselves flowing in a stream of crystalline water.

Fluorite (also called fluorspar) is a halide mineral composed of calcium fluoride, CaF2. It comes in a wide range of colors and has subsequently been considered “the most colorful mineral in the world”. Its hardness on the Mohs scale falls between 4 and 5
(comparing- quartz is 7 and diamond 10), which makes it a soft and delicate mineral. Besides its use in adornments and jewelry, fluorite crystals are also used in telescopes for the magnification of high resolution images of astronomical objects.

A beautiful multi-purpose stone that will help boost your immune response and relieve some of those horrible symptoms a cold virus usually brings. Fluorite is also a good crystal for those seeking clarity of thought, focus, concentration and insight. It can help absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress.

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  1. A fascinating post indeed. It beautifully describes the healing power of Fluorite. We want to know more about these gems and natural stones. Please share your knowledge with us.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for the kind comment!

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