Color Meanings

Colour Meanings and Healing Properties

Nature has provided us with colour to feed both the body and the spirit. It nourishes our whole system, supplying a vital energy that is an essential and wonderful part of life. As highly colourful beings, our forms are made up of ever-changing vibrating colours and we respond to colour actively or passively in all that we do. Light waves affect us every minute of our lives and penetrate our energetic system whether we are awake or asleep, sighted or blinded.

RED is the most physical of all colours and has the slowest vibratory rate and longest wavelength. It is the colour of blood and has a stimulating effect in our heart and circulation; red light will raise the blood pressure. Our body system is fortified by red, which helps build up red blood cells. It also stimulates the adrenal glands, helping us become strong and building up our stamina. Pink, which is a mixture of red and white, is more gentle in its stimulation than red and helps our muscles relax.

ORANGE stimulates the sexual organs and has a strong and beneficial effect on the digestive system.It also strengthens the immune system, including the spleen, and the lungs and pancreas. It has a releasing action on the body fluids.

YELLOW wavelenghts of light stimulate the brain making you alert, clear-headed, and decisive. Yellow also strengthens the nervous system generally. It creates energy in the muscles by activating motor nerves. It also activates the lymph system and cleanses the digestive tract. It has a sympathetic resonance with the pancreas, the liver and the gall bladder.

GREEN is good for the heart on a physical and emotional level. It brings physical equilibrium and relaxation. It has a balancing quality and helps regulate our circulation. It also stimulates the pituitary gland. It works through the sympathetic nervous system, relaxing the muscles in our chests to help us breathe more deeply and slowly.

BLUE is linked to the throat and thyroid gland and is very soothing, cooling and calming. Blue light has been shown to lower blood pressure by calming the autonomic nervous system. It has a constrictive action and is anti-inflamatory. Deep blue stimulates the pituitary gland, which regulates our sleep patterns. Dark blue has wonderful pain-healing properties. It also works on the skeleton, keeping bone marrow healthy.

TURQUOISE has a sympathetic resonance with the thymus gland; this gland performs a major role in warding off infections. If you suffer from frayed nerves and a weakened immune system, turquoise acts like a refreshing tonic. It also stimulates the thyroid gland and lungs.

INDIGO has been found to have narcotic qualities and some doctors in Texas have used indigo light to induce anesthesia for minor operations.

MAGENTA draws us out of anger and frustration. It is a spiritual colour but also with practical overtones associated with compassion, support and kindness. From a negative perspective, magenta, like violet, makes us desire to be lifted out of the demanding world and avoid challenges. It can be also too relaxing. So avoid this colour if you are chronically depressed or introverted.

VIOLET affects the brain and nervous system and has a purifying and antiseptic effect. It cools the system and alleviates “hot” conditions such as heat rash and sunburn. Violet also suppresses hunger and balances the body’s metabolism.

The information above was extracted from the Book:
By Suzy Chiazzari