Energy & Chakras

The 7 main Chakras correspond to specific areas in the human body, to areas of the consciousness, to the Elements and to crystals and gemstones. They also relate to vibrations in music and colours. The gemstones and crystals in this list represent only a few samples of that particular Chakra energy.

Crown Chakra  – 7th

Colour: Violet
Musical Note: B, Ti
Gemstone: Amethyst
Nerves and Glands: Brain,Pineal
System and Elements: Nervous System /Inner Light
Senses and area of conscioussness: Empathy,
Universal Consciousness
Source of Direction and Intuition

Third Eye Chakra – 6th

Colour: Indigo
Musical Note : A, La
Gemstone : Sodalite,Lapis Lazuli
Nerves and Glands :Carotid Plexus, Pitiutary
System and Elements: Endocrine System/ Inner Sound
Senses and area of conscioussness: ESP,
Spiritual Awareness
Individualized Consciousness

Throat Chakra – 5th

Colour: Blue
Musical Note: G, Sol
Gemstone: Acquamarine,Lapis,Amazonite,Turquoise
Nerves and Glands: Cervical Plexus, Thyroid
System and Elements: Metabolism/ Ether
Senses and area of consciousness: Hearing,
Expressing, Receiving, Abundance, Flowing Manifestation, Listening to Intuition

Heart Chakra – 4th

Colour: Green and Pink
Musical Note: F, Fa
Gemstone; Green Quartz and Rose Quartz
Nerves and Glands: Cardiac Plexus, Thyme
System and Elements: Respiration, Circulation, Immune System / Air
Senses and area of consciousness: Touch, Relating, Giving, Perceptions of Love, Acceptance

Solar Plexus – 3rd

Colour: Yellow
Musical Note: E, Mi
Gemstone: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Rutilated Quartz
Nerves and Glands: Solar Plexus, Pancreas
System and Elements: Muscles, Digestive System /Fire
Senses and area of conscioussness: Vision, Freedom, Power, Control, Self-definition, Intellect

Sacral Chakra – 2nd

Colour: Orange
Musical Note: D, Re
Gemstone: Carnelian,Jasper,Agate
Nerves and Glands: Lumbar Plexus,Gonads
System and Elements: Reproduction adn Assimilation/ Water
Senses and area of conscioussness: Taste, Sensations, Feeling & Feelings, Food, Sex, Appetite, Creativity

Root Chakra – 1st

Colour: Red or Black
Musical Note: C, Do
Gemstone: Onyx, Garnet, Red Jasper
Nerves and Glands: Sacral Plexus, Adrenals
System and Elements: Skeleton, Lymph, Elimination System / Earth
Senses and area of consciousness: Smell,
Safety, Security, Trust, Survival, Money, Home, Job