Mystical Messenger

$ 75.00


This bracelet’s affirmation says “I am a precious child of spirit. I do not walk alone. I’m guided, comforted and loved. I connect with the highest vibrations of the universe to experience different levels of awareness. I spread love and light wherever I go – I am a messenger for hope and love.” Made with sodalite gemstones with a magnificent dodecahedron shape as a centerpiece. The dodecahedron is one of the five Platonic solids shapes described in sacred geometry as the foundation blocks of the universe. This shape represents the energy of the Spirit and connection with the Divine Oneness.


Sodalite unites logic with intuition, helps spiritual perception and conveys information from the higher mind to the physical level. A wonderful Stone for meditation and spiritual attunement.


Dodecahedron connects with the spirit and the powerful unified field of the Universe. Materials & Details:

  • 8 mm gemstone beads.
  • Solid sterling silver handmade centerpiece, brush finished.
  • Genuine high quality gemstones.
  • Sizes: All sizes available. A custom size may be requested at the checkout instructions field.
  • Made with durable stretchy cord.
  • Care: Remove bracelet before showers, swimming, or putting on any lotions or creams.

Colors of natural products may vary and may appear slightly different in your computer/phone due to monitor calibration.

Additional information

Bracelet Length

Extra Small – 6 1/2 inches, Small – 7 inches, Medium – 7 1/2 inches, Large – 8 inches, Extra Large – 8 1/2 inches, To be informed