Start Anew

$ 65.00


Start Anew with the cleansing energy of Fluorite, a stone that will help dissolve negative energies and reorganize whatever seems out of order within the self. Who doesn’t want to feel refreshed and peaceful, without the influences of other people’s thoughts and emotions? It also helps us overcome ANY form of disorganization! So, if you need to get into better habits in your space, physical, mental or energetic, this bracelet is for you!! To bring a sense of peace and renewal, the center piece features the OM symbol, which is used in Yoga and Meditation as a special calming mantra that brings us to our center, our most harmonious place.

Gemstones: Fluorite helps prevent mental confusion and makes it easier to develop awareness. Good for retrieving information. Increases intuition and interdimentional communication.

Symbols: OM is a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts. Materials & Details:

  • 8 mm gemstone beads.
  • Solid sterling silver components, handmade centerpiece, brush finished, 
  • Genuine high-quality gemstones. 
  • Sizes: All sizes available. A custom size may be requested at the checkout instructions field.
  • Made with durable stretchy cord.
  • Care: Remove bracelet before showers, swimming, or putting on any lotions or creams.

Colors of natural products may vary and may appear slightly different in your computer/phone due to monitor calibration. 


Additional information

Bracelet Length

Extra Small – 6 1/2 inches, Small – 7 inches, Medium – 7 1/2 inches, Large – 8 inches, Extra Large – 8 1/2 inches, To be informed