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Rhodizite Power

floweroflife-antique2I have just finished some special designs that incorporate two of my favorite energy boosters: the flower of life symbol and the little Rhodizite gem. In almost 15 years working with healing crystals I never thought one such tiny little stone could have such an incredible amount of energizing power. I must confess I used to be a little skeptical of tiny stones. When I would purchase stock for my crystal shop I usually overlooked the little pieces and went into getting the most robust and impressive looking crystals. One of my customers’ frequent question was: does crystal size matter? And I went on with explanations that it really depended on the purpose and how one was using a stone. According to Marcel Voguel, only a very small input of a cosmic vibration in someone’s energy field is necessary to fire up an entire wave of energy changes. Think of it as a sparkle that is all that is needed to start a fire. However, I myself used to judge some crystals by their looks. That all changed one afternoon when David, one of my stone suppliers, showed up with his crystal truck and those huge beauties that were almost too big to fit in my store. He piled up a number of boxes in my office and after a few hours of delicious crystal picking I had made up my mind for a special selection of crystals to re-stock the store. Then comes the question: do you know Rhodizite? I said no… he said, ‘this is one of the most powerful stones I have ever sold, you need to have it’. ‘Ok, let me see’, I said. Then he showed me this tiny little yellow green crystal and when I heard it cost the same as a pound of amethyst I rushed to say “not this time David”. I wasn’t impressed and just by looking at it I thought it couldn’t be all that he was saying. That is when he insisted that I test it. He told me to stand up, hold one in each hand, close my eyes and relax. I then began to feel this strange sensation like little bubbles of energy moving up and down my body, and something pulling me down, a very strong grounding sensation. I felt like all of my chakras began to respond really quickly to that little moment with Rhodizite. It was quite the experience. Needless to say, I fell in love with the tiny crystal.

Rhodizite is an energy amplifier. It makes you feel powerful and centered. It is said to have been a master crystal in the ancient times of Lemuria and Atlantis and that it was used to amplify and charge other crystals. Then comes the question, can it amplify negative feeling as well? I personally have never found that it does. I have worn my Rhodizite pieces day and night and have always found that it always helps bring up the best in me. It is an intention holder and it will work to amplify, strengthen and project a particular thought or energy. I find that Rhodizite most powerful property is to help align and move energies up and down our chakra system. It is also a solar plexus booster, helping manifest confidence, creative ideas and personal power into action and positive influence. In the Book of Stones, Simmons says that Rhodizite is a perfect stone to use in energy tools and jewelry because of its magnifying properties and that hands-on healers can increase the flow coming through them by wearing a Rhodizite ring or pendant around the neck. It is also said that it will enhance and strengthen any of the chakras and will facilitate psychic abilities and activate the third eye when placed on that energy center.

Rhodizite is also a great stone to use in combination with grounding crystals such as hematite, onyx and black tourmaline to ground the Light body onto the Earth and assist in dream work and lucid dreaming. Some use it for past-life regression to help process lessons learned in those times.

If you want to feel more optimistic, positive and have a super dose of high joyful energy, Rhodizite is definitely one stone to wear. It will bring out powerful enthusiasm and the will to make things happen!

Crystal healing works as spiritual support to assist in activating the healer within. It is not a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment and may be used in combination with any traditional therapies.

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